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Embracing a Craftsman

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Having lived in Virginia and spending a few years in Florida, I wanted something a bit more funky and colorful for the main living area of my South Minneapolis home. Getting the details just right was always going to be a challenge as I worked to honor the craftsman heritage of the home while infusing it with just the right amount of personality to make it uniquely my own.

One of the things I absolutely love about the main living space is the open concept feel. The way the living room flows effortlessly into the dining room and then on to the kitchen is what we all hope for in a modernized home. Although the spaces are open to each other, I did want each “room” to have it’s own flavor while still being a cohesive design.

You’ll notice how I used varying shades of green from a more acidic yellow-green to cool teal green. The work well together yet is also distinctly unique to their spaces, but overall it pulls the entire design together.

The living room centers around a beautiful gas fireplace and forms a cozy area for guests to relax. I sought a feel that would invite guests to get cozy by the fire and enjoy a cup of cocoa on a cold winter day. The sofa features a sectional layout that provides both ample seating while the velveteen fabric offers a sense of elegance to the living room space. We’ve flanked the seating area with two side chairs that are armless which adds to the seating versatility when more people are over for holiday gatherings.

The muted grays take from the slate-gray brick of the fireplace and are accented with the green tones that pull all the rooms in the space together.

In the corner of the entry area by the staircase offers a great example of how simple vignettes can really add to a room. This corner was perfect for this Victorian Desk that I painted with a crackle finish and a simple Jacobean chair painted in silver. Together these make the perfect touch for this corner space.

The dining room is ever so simply appointed with a lush grey shag rug and simple accessories. I feel that it’s important to ensure ample space for movement in a dining room since it often serves as a major passageway between rooms in most open concept designs and you also want to ensure that guests can freely move around the table without the risk of bumping into things. This room achieves that.

Finally turning to the third room on this open concept level we have the kitchen. The tile is a distinct craftsman for the cabinetry, but you’ll notice the use of graphic tile for the backsplash behind the cooktop. You’ll notice how this graphic tile feeds on the graphic patterns displayed in window coverings and rugs in the space. It’s a simple way of bringing the entire design together.